Generative AI and Music

Dr Charles Martin - The Australian National University

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Generative AI

…creates new content.

Create an image about…

“a person giving a seminar in a baroque hall in black and white.”

What can AI do?

Cats or dogs

What can AI do?


How does it work?


Fast forward 50 years.

perceptron network

Understanding “context”

Generating sequences

Generative AI for Making Music

Voyager - George E Lewis (1986-)

Wekinator - Rebecca Fiebrink (2009-)

Magenta Project - Google (2016-)

where are all the generative AI musical instruments?

Mixture Density Network

IMPS System

Embodied Musical Predictions

What is an authentic generative AI system?

Where will the data come from?

Hand-Crafted Boutique Artisanal Datasets