Creative Prediction with Neural Networks

A course in ML/AI for creative expression

Predictive Models in Interactive Music

Charles Martin - The Australian National University

Ngunnawal & Ngambri & Ngarigu Country


Predictive Musical Instruments
become a normal part of musical performance and production.


Assist professional musicians & composers

Engage novice musicians & students

Create new kinds of music!

Musical Predictions?



Physical Intelligent Instrument

Embodied Predictive Musical Instrument (EMPI)

IMPS system

Using Predictions to Make Music

  • Emulate or enhance ensemble experience
  • Engage in call-and-response improvisation
  • Model a performer's personal style
  • Modify/improve performance actions in place

Evaluating Predictive Instruments?

  • Does the ML model make good predictions?
  • Is this computationally practical?
  • Is this useful to musicians?

IMPS works with traditional instruments too!