Creative Prediction with Neural Networks

A course in ML/AI for creative expression

smcclab---sound, music and creative computing at ANU

Charles Martin - The Australian National University

Ngunnawal & Ngambri Country

Australian National University (1946)

only university created by Government of Australia

~20,000 students (50% undergraduate, 50% graduate)

Often highly ranked in Australia and the world.

Hanna Neumann Building (2018)

completed in 2018

contains half of the School of Computing (College of Engineering and Computer Science) and the whole of the Mathematical Sciences Institute (College of Science)

charles history

Undergrad at ANU (BSc Hons in maths) with many music courses in percussion

Master of Music (ANU)

Master of Fine Arts (percussion performance), Luleå University of Technology (Sweden) - Piteå Musikhögskolan

PhD in Computing (ANU) 2016

Postdoc at University of Oslo, Department of Informatics 2016–2019

smcclab mission

  • Research in music technology, human-centred computing, and creative AI.

  • Advance creative computing as an alternative pathway through computing.

  • Make music computing at ANU famous in Australia and around the world.


Yichen Wang

PhD Researcher from Sep 2021

Creates sonic experiences for augmented reality systems

Xinlei Niu

PhD Researcher from Jan 2022

Creates ML models for processing audio data

Brent Schuetze

Research Assistant for Open Form Composition for Synchronised and Coordinated Action project

Open Form Composition for Synchronised and Coordinated Action

Create systems for (new) iPad ensemble performances (

$30K Defence Science and Technology Group (Government R&D)

Sonic Sculpture (The Augmented Urban Web)

Explore augmented reality system for sonifying real objects.

$20K CSIRO / Data 61 (Government R&D)

AR Musical Instruments

Magic Lantern Performances

Performances led by Martyn Jolley (historian and artist) with Alec Hunter, Rachel Thoms, et al.

Christmas Carillon Installation

Bela-powered Carillon Clavier

Intelligent Musical Instruments

lots of musical instruments don’t use “notes”

embodied gesture generation: generate the movements a performer makes to operate a particular musical instrument.

can we incorporate generative ai into a longer-term performance practice?

Embodied Predictive Musical Instrument (EMPI)

Generated Data

Human Generation Synth Generation Noise Generation

Course: Sound and Music Computing

new advanced level course focussed on creating collaborative music with computers. Evolved from a “special topic” 2019-2022.

Course: Art and Interaction Computing

first year elective focussed on creating interactive artworks with computers (p5.js).

Enrolments from 140-240 per year. Running since ~2005.

Programs: Human-Centred and Creative Computing

Goal: create study programs in HCI and creative computing available to all computing students at ANU

Major/Minor/Specialisations in Human Centred and Creative Computing. New sub-programs to study computing applications in HCI, design, games, music and art.

HCCC presentation

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